Two-Way Radios

  • NEXEDGE® OTAP Over-the-Air-Programming
  • IP Interface
  • Telephone Interconnect for NEXEDGE Trunked Systems
  • Enhanced Audio Adjustments
  • KPG-110SM Restricted Users
  • SelCall on PTT
  • GID Scan on Conventional Systems



IP Interface for VoIP

  • NEXEDGE® Trunking systems IP Interface now includes a VoIP dispatch protocol.
  • The Kenwood KAS-10 V2 GPS AVL/Dispatch Messaging Software utilizes this Interface for its Virtual Radio
    over IP features.

KTI-4 Interconnect Adapter for NEXEDGE® Trunking Systems

  • Radio can call PSTN & PABX extensions
  • PSTN & PABX extensions can call individual radio units
  • peed Dial
  • Call Limit Timers & Restrictions
  • Independent Inbound & Outbound Calling Per UID/GID.
  • NXDN® Scrambler included – secure voice both directions.
  • One KTI per PH. Line / 6 PH. Lines per Site / 100 PH. Lines per Network (system code)

NEXEDGE® VER 2.5: Enhanced Audio Settings

NEXEDGE VER 2.5 leverages JVC-Kenwood patented audio techniques to add to all subscriber units these new Enhanced Audio settings which enable Microphone Type matching, RX & TX AGC and RX & TX Equalization in addition to the current RX Low Cut Filter and TX Noise Suppressor.

Microphone Type 1-5: Matches five audio accessory type categories to the radio for optimal DSP processing in NXDN digital mode. Each type category is tailored to fit the different frequency response characteristics of various Kenwood speaker microphone, surveillance and headsets groups.

RX & TX AGC: RX AGC adjusts the level of the receive audio automatically without having to constantly adjust the volume control to understand a person speaking softly/far from the microphone or loudly/near the microphone. TX AGC adjusts the level of the transmit audio automatically for noisy or loud environments.

RX & TX Equalization (High Boost, Flat & Low Boost): Fine tunes the treble and bass audio components to compensate for background noise (suppresses “digital echo/howling”), equalizes response of audio accessories used and compensates for the characteristics of different languages & accents.

RX Low Cut Filter: Removes 300 Hz audio components that may affect earpiece audio especially in a noisy environments.

TX Noise Suppressor: Dramatically reduces background noise.

KPG-110SM Restricted Users

  • Applies to the KPG-110SM System Manager for NEXEDGE® Trunking systems.
  • The main SYSOP as the administrator can set:
    • User ID Names & Passwords for 32 Restricted Users
    • Set a range of UID & GIDs for each to allocate to customers
  • Restricted Users can:
  • Access the trunked system via their KPG-110SM & Grade 2 Hardware key.
  • Set UID/GID Class or Service Privileges such as inter-site calls, telephone-interconnect etc.
  • Applications:
  • SMR’s can permit agents to load customers on a trunked system.
  • Private systems shared among different agencies that manage their own fleets.

Selective Call (SelCall) on PTT

  • For NEXEDGE® trunked & conventional systems
  • SELCAL on PTT is now programmable for:
    • Individual UID or
    • Talk Group GID
    • Programmable per trunked GID or conventional channel
  • Dispatchers can call a whole fleet on a talk group GID and the mobiles respond using a Selective Call on PTT with an Individual UID. In this way the mobiles can only talk to the dispatcher and not to each other (such as the taxi-cab company example shown).