SCADA Products

System Design

Applied Technology Group, Inc. will design the recommended system topology based on site survey results.

  • Define the transceiver specifications, antenna types, gain and elevations.
  • Define all coax cable specifications, mounting structure requirements, lightning protection and grounding requirements.

RF Consulting

Applied Technology Group, Inc. offers a complete and thorough consulting service for SCADA systems and RF (Radio Frequency) systems. No matter whether you are looking for system performance optimization, new technology for a current system or a complete turnkey application our engineers are ready to meet with you to discuss your project requirements. In addition to our consulting services, we specialize in field site surveys, RF Path studies and system installations.

Working with our team of RF professionals at Applied Technology Group, Inc. will give you the advantage and head start your project needs. We offer complete RF consulting to ensure the highest quality system design and implementation.

Path Analysis

  • Realize the feasibility of your customer’s wireless project.
  • Explore alternate solutions for a difficult path.
  • Include the path analysis report findings to your customer as part of your package.
  • Good first step before a site survey.

Site Surveys

Let our qualified team of RF professionals handle your site survey needs:

  • Prove the feasibility of the path
  • Collect actual signal strength and signal to noise ratio data
  • Perform actual over the air data polling – serial or ethernet
  • You will know the minimum antenna heights required
  • We will provide a site survey report with site by site findings, recommendations and documentation

Licensing Assistance

Applied Technology Group, Inc. will assist with FCC Licensing issues if required by your application.

  • 800-960MHz
  • 300-512MHz
  • 216-240MHz
  • 130-174MHz
  • Microwave

Write Radio Specs for your Project

Applied Technology Group, Inc. will prepare radio specification for your project.

Example . . .

The contractor / supplier shall install a TY-900, 890-960MHz, 10dBd gain yagi antenna, manufactured by Kathrien-Scala Division, of Medford, Oregon, or equal. The antenna shall be mounted vertically on a 22-Ft, 2-inch galvanized schedule 40 rigid pipe, directed towards the master site ABC, using less than 35-Ft of Heliax LDF4-50, ½-inch hardline foam coax cable, manufactured by Andrew Corporation of Orland Park, Illinois, or approved equal. The coax cable shall be routed inside the pole using a 12-inch diameter 270-degree loop at the top and clamped with a CGB fitting to support the cable. The connectors shall be an Andrew L4PNM high performance low loss 50-ohm type-N male connector constructed with silver coating and gold center pin, or equal. The coax shall connect directly to the antenna or built in antenna pigtail with no adaptors and using only one connection located at the…….

Equipment Installation

  • Professionally installed weatherproofed connectors and properly grounded coax runs
  • Antennas optimized for superior performance
  • Perform factory acceptance testing
  • Perform site acceptance testing
  • Certified tower climbers

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Periodically radio systems require preventative maintenance to keep them performing at full capability.
Typically this consists of the following:
  • Check power, frequency and modulation
  • Check antenna performance (VSWR)
  • Back up battery conditions (if applicable)
  • Visual inspection of antennas, coax etc.
  • A written report will follow.


  • Now that your customer has their new system, they need to be trained.
  • We will provide on-site radio training and materials on the topics you choose.
  • You or your customer will also have access to our technical support team should you need us.

SCADA Radio Systems Troubleshooting

Just like any system, sometimes problems occur that are beyond our control. Applied Technology Group, Inc. offers complete and comprehensive SCADA radio system troubleshooting to help put your system back in top notch operation. Our team of RF professionals will work deligently to isolate the problem and take the corrective action to repair your network.

Competitive Pricing

Applied Technology Group, Inc. offers competitive pricing along with our quality products. While we specialize in select products, we are happy to give you a non-biased opinion and evaluation of competitive products to compare preformance levels allowing you to make an informed and sound decision before proceeding with your equipment purchase.

Local Repair Facility

Applied Technology Group, Inc. operates a local repair facility giving you quick turn around for most two-way radios, pagers and select SCADA products. If your products require factory assistance our shipping department will gladly assist you with coordinating factory repairs.

On-Site Field Repair

Let our FCC licensed technicians assist you with your on-site field repairs. Contact our RF engineering team to coordinate an appointment. If this is an emergency and your system is down, please let our staff know immediately. We will make every effort to assist you quickly.

Daily & Monthly Rentals

Applied Technology Group, Inc. offers daily and monthly radio rentals on stock items. Please contact our office at 661-322-8650 or 800-481-0007 for assistance. Prices vary depending on the product type and length of rental.


Applied Technology Group, Inc., has the latest in programming software available for your equipment. However, sometimes you might need an alternative solution. Check with our technical team to ensure the best software solution for your equipment needs.

Turn-Key Engineering & Custom Interfacing

Applied Technology Group, Inc. will provide turn-key engineering and custom interfacing for your system specifications. In addition, we will work with all aspects of the project as necessary whether it be with end-users, integrators, engineering firms and contractors. You specify when and where you need us!